Professional Development

Is Your Business Serious About Employee Retention?

In today’s world, training and development is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

Fast Forward Learning & Development has centered our mission on the advancement of individuals and teams through core competency development programs.

Core competencies that build team effectiveness, promote customer satisfaction and increase employee engagement are often expected in new hires, but are rarely afforded the attention they deserve when developing talent.

Our training revolves around your unique corporate culture. So Fast Forward your employee contributions, job satisfaction and career potential by enrolling your new hires in our five-part series, RISE TO THE TOP.


Verbal Communication:

Improve outcomes with a deeper understanding of communication styles.

Written Communication:

Accomplish more with clear, concise business writing skills.

Critical Thinking:

Create better solutions using data collection & analysis.


Enhance group dynamics utilizing personal strengths.


Advance engagement and accountability with our Personal 90 Day Success Plan.

Easy to incorporate into your onboarding process this affordable, customized program gives every employee the strong foundation they need to serve your clients and advance your business.

Myra Quick is the employee development professional you want on your team! Her substantial experience supports your HR efforts to recruit, develop and retain a qualified and engaged workforce.

New for 2023!

Fresh Start – Recruitment and Retention 2023

Early Bird registration is now open.

Happier employees in careers they love!

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