Crosswalk Coalition

Career Advisory Group

What is Crosswalk Coalition Career Advisory Group? It is a gathering of individuals that, like you, are searching for a new professional opportunity. The support and shared learning available through Crosswalk Coalition is designed so individuals can learn from one another by sharing tips, offering suggestions, providing insight and even leads to open positions. This group meets virtually every Tuesday for 6 weeks to discuss topics of interest to the participants, such as:

  • Getting around the black hole of applicant tracking systems.
  • Tips to effectively use LinkedIn for a job search.
  • How to handle crickets after a great interview.
  • Networking in a pandemic.
  • Staying positive during a lengthy search.
The next advisory group will begin on Tuesday, October 13 at 11am EST. This session is FREE but is limited to 12 participants, so you need to sign up today to reserve your seat! Click here to connect and say, I WANT INTO CROSSWALK!