Career Development & Student Employment Professionals


“Crucial Workplace Competencies for Students and New Grads”

Based on the NACE workplace competencies, this program is imperative to positioning your school as a leader in the field of graduating employment ready graduates. Employers desire academically sound and workplace savvy employees. Ensuring your graduates possess the necessary competencies to succeed in the workplace will identify your institution as a leader for graduate placement. This program is the foundation to ensure a greater return on investment for your students and their families.
“Maximizing Your Work Study Program”

Most colleges and universities miss a huge learning opportunity for students within their work study programs. This half day workshop will give you the outline and guidelines needed to
• Mimic post-grad work experience in your work-study program
• Teach students the core competencies they need to excel post grad
• How to create a culture shift in your academic system – changing how work-study programs are viewed.

“Creating Meaningful Work”

Through their work and involvement employees today want to make a difference. This program will show you how to Identify what creates a sense of worth for employees and how to employ that knowledge to enhance employee engagement and improve performance.