The Creator

I am a Human Resources professional and passionate educator. I thrive on connecting people with their desired future through professional development programs and expert career placement. The majority of my human resources career has been in higher education and finance. Fueled by good coffee and great conversation, I subscribe to the belief that everyone should create a life they do not need a vacation from!


By ensuring that students possess the workplace competencies necessary to be immediately successful, we can drastically increase the return on investment of every tuition dollars spent! Thus, moving your institution into the elite position of The School of Choice.




  • Higher Education Administrator: Committed to student success through high impact employment opportunities and skill development.
  • Human Resources Expert: Specializing in workforce recruitment and retention.
  • Learning and Development Designer: Skilled in creating interactive and motivational learning programs
  • Public Speaking Professional: Enthusiastic presenter connecting audiences with information through memorable and engaging programs.


Now more than ever, workplace competencies like professional verbal and written communication, taking feedback, and critical thinking are immensely important as companies seek talent. Candidates who lack these critical skills will find themselves at a serious disadvantage as they launch their career.
Mike Spinale, State Director Massachusetts SHRM

Who We Work With

Our clients are typically colleges and universities with less than 7000 students – although we are happy to work with larger institutions! Institutions that are open to innovation, change and have a deep sense of obligation to make certain their students are prepared for life after graduation. Institutions committed to instilling in their students the skills of Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration before they graduate to ensure they realize a significant ROI on their tuition dollars and never question their decision to invest in higher education.

We work with institutional leaders to create, programs and processes, conduct train the trainer programs and assist with implementation of the strategies put in place. Your teams will receive all the tools and resources they need to maximize the student experience through on campus employment, intern and extern programs as well as student activities.

Last but surely not least are the students. We offer supplemental programs and workshops for students that support their professional development that you may not have the resources to administer.

Each program is customizable and unique to your institution. To learn more about our programs CLICK HERE.

How To Work With Us

For more information – Click here to set up a Strategy Call. Let’s see where you are and how we can help. (LINK TO YOUR CALENDAR)

Apply NOW to get one of the elite 50 seats at our next Crosswalk Coalition mastermind group kicking off in Savannah GA January 2020

A Call To Action:

It is alarmingly clear that we are at a critical crossroads in higher education. Massive action needs to happen if we are going to stem the attrition at smaller colleges and universities. The loss from a school closing is catastrophic on so many levels – for the students, the alumni, the employees and the communities in which they reside. This prompted us to take our vision of improved ROI for students nationwide. Crosswalk Coalition gathers the smartest people in the same room to strategize and create personalized solution for their institutions efficiently and effectively.

This is NOT a conference. This is a year - long commitment to an intensive group of mastermind change agents – willing to roll up their sleeves, learn from each other and take that knowledge back to their institution’s academic leadership, colleagues and student body.

Working together we will resolve a vast disconnect from college to career and in turn significantly increase the ROI back to students and employers. When a student signs that acceptance letter, they will KNOW their path to a position that aligns with their talent and their passions is made easier with the added value they gain with your institution.

The time to be courageous is now! I look forward to helping you create a brilliant future for your institution and your graduates.

Myra Quick