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Our expertise includes 25 years of human resource, management and training experience.  We understand what employers want.  Let us help you provide your students and graduates the results they want most!

How Can We Be of Assistance?


  • Program Design: Utilizing the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) competency models as a basis for development, our team of experienced training designers work with you to create customized programs for your school. Programs to develop the workplace competency your students need to succeed in the workforce. If you prefer, we have ready to use modules available that make for a quick start just add your school branding and launch.  It is that easy! All programs are based on actual workplace examples and include practice plans students can use to develop their skills immediately.   CKICK HERE to schedule a free consultation!
  • Workshops: We offer workshops designed to assist administrators launch workplace competency programs though out campus. We work with you to create a feasible implementation plan that will not tax your staff and resources. The plan includes determine the best touch points for student access, a marketing strategy to create buy in across campus, and most importantly an action plan to get students engaged!  CLICK HERE to begin the conversation about launching workplace competencies at your institution!


  • Presentations: We have a wide variety of presentations available to prepare students for success.  I Got the Job, Now What? And Slay Your Internship are big hits this year.  CLICK HERE to find out how to bring a session to your campus!


  • Peer Advisory Groups: The Crosswalk Coalition program is designed to allow small groups of leaders a platform to become DISRUPTORS of the status quo. These leaders are looking to leverage their experience to help one another shake up the educational system to create something better.  CLICK HERE to find out how to Join the Movement and Become a Disruptor!

If you are not sure where to begin, we are happy to schedule a discovery call to discuss what would best serve your students and how we can assist you to fulfill those needs.  Just CLICK HERE to schedule a time that works for you.